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DNS Propagation

What Is DNS Propagation?

Any time that DNS changes are made (on any level), you need to wait for propagation to complete. Propagation usually takes from several hours to 5 days, but can take as long as 7 to 10 days. During propagation, traffic may come to either location. One person may see the new server while someone else sees the old one. Also, may work while does not. All of this is normal during propagation.

Note that this means that just because you go to the new site when you type in the domain name does not mean that propagation is complete. The best way to determine whether or not propagation is complete is to review the statistics for each site (both the old one and the new one).

Using “Ping Plotter” to trace network of Slow / Unable to Access Server

If you are having slow website access, it would be best to send us the trace route results via ‘PingPlotter’, as it would help us in identifying the issue better.

Download from website
Requirement: Microsoft Windows Operating System

  1. Go to -> Download -> Ping Plotter Freeware or directly download from
  2. Install the pingplotter application and open it.

Step for Getting a Traceroute result from PingPlotter

  1. Enter the domain name / IP address / server name or URL to the address to be trace.
  2. Click on “Trace” button.
  3. The pingplotter result will appear on the right.
  4. You will see a columns for Hop, PL% which stands for Packet Loss, IP address, DNS Name, AVG for response time, CUr for latency and Graph.
  5. Go to Edit and click on Copy as Images for traceroute result obtained.
  6. Then attached it in the ticket or E-Mail to our support department.

Below is the interface of PingPlotter

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