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The increasing usage of smartphones has given rise to mobile app development for businesses. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are no exception. Developing a mobile app can be a game-changer for SMEs. In this case study, we will discuss the development of a mobile app for an SME that includes features such as office check-in, location monitoring, leave application, claims, document management, and staff directory.

Client Background

Our client is a small accounting firm with approximately 50 employees. The company has been in operation for over a decade and has an extensive client base. They approached us with a problem that they wanted to solve: the process of checking-in at the office, monitoring employee locations, and managing employee leave and claims was manual and time-consuming.

Our Solution

After understanding the client's needs, we proposed the development of a mobile app that would automate the check-in process, monitor employee locations, and manage employee leave and claims. The app would also include a document management system and a staff directory.


The app was developed in three stages:

Stage 1: Planning

We began by conducting a feasibility study and market research to determine the app's viability and understand the competition. We also interviewed key stakeholders to determine the app's features, design, and functionality.

Stage 2: Development

Once the planning stage was completed, we began developing the app. We followed an agile development methodology to ensure that the app was developed within the client's budget and timeline. The app was developed for both iOS and Android platforms using React Native, a popular cross-platform mobile app development framework.

Stage 3: Testing and Deployment

After the development stage was completed, we tested the app to ensure that it met the client's requirements and was free of bugs. Once the app passed the testing stage, we deployed it on the App Store and Google Play Store.

App Features

  • Office Check-In: The app includes a feature that allows employees to check-in at the office using their mobile devices. The app uses GPS to determine the employee's location and time of check-in. The app also allows employees to check-in remotely if they are working from home or are on a business trip.

  • Location Monitoring: The app includes a location monitoring feature that allows the employer to monitor employee locations. The app uses GPS to track employee locations and sends alerts if an employee enters or exits a specific location.

  • Leave Application: The app includes a leave application feature that allows employees to apply for leave using their mobile devices. The app also allows the employer to approve or reject leave applications using the app.

  • Claims: The app includes a claims feature that allows employees to file claims using their mobile devices. The app also allows the employer to approve or reject claims using the app.

  • Document Management: The app includes a document management system that allows employees to upload and share documents using the app. The app also allows the employer to manage documents and grant access to specific documents.

  • Staff Directory: The app includes a staff directory that allows employees to search for and contact other employees using the app. The app also allows the employer to update employee contact information and manage the staff directory.


The mobile app we developed for the SME has improved their workflow and made their business more efficient. The app has automated the check-in process, location monitoring, and employee leave and claims management. The document management system and staff directory have also made it easier for employees to collaborate and communicate with each other. The mobile app has provided the SME with a competitive advantage and has helped them stay ahead in the market.

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